Work with us

At Terra Consult we are constantly developing, and offer professional opportunities with the focus on growth. We are a strongly rooted consultancy but with a vision of the future, and believe that the formation of sound teams with development capability is a key factor in success, along with the attraction and development of talent. In order to consolidate our team our selection processes are continually ongoing. At Terra Consult we believe in committed and creative individuals with the ambition to develop. We work with many different profiles reflecting our multifaceted nature. The aim is to be able to deliver the best solutions through our products, to detect optimal business strategies and serve up new ideas and visions. All in a dynamic and enriching environment.

What are we looking for?
We work with very different profiles. Our aim is to foster change in the clusters where we work, and to this end develop a valid strategic reflection which serves to engage the cluster's entrepreneurs. What we are looking for people who allow us to achieve those aims. Capacity for teamwork, creativity, analytical skills, curiosity, commitment and initiative are the characteristics required in these different profiles.
The most typical consultant profile is a Business Administration and Management graduate who can join as a junior consultant. We are also on the lookout for students wishing to join Cluster Development on an internship, with the aim of becoming junior consultants when their placement comes to an end.

What do we offer? Professional development
At Terra Consult will have the opportunity to be a consultant from day one, taking part in all tasks involved in the project, not only the analytical process but also fieldwork: interviews, presentations, working groups, benchmarking trips…
At the same time you will not only be involved in the projects to which you are assigned, but will also gain an insight into others being developed in parallel. This interaction serves to enrich both the consultants and the projects themselves. Your degree of responsibility will gradually increase, until you are managing your own projects. In just a few years you will be a consultant with extensive experience of the widest range of sectors, with your own analytical methodology and the ability to lead projects.

What will I do?
You will join a project team, performing the functions inherent in strategic consultancy:

  • Information search.
  • Data analysis.
  • Interview processes.
  • Collaboration in the development of project content and the preparation of conclusion reports.
  • Attendance and organization of meetings and presentations of conclusions with the client.