About us

We were founded in 2005 and have ever since then been delivering strategic solutions to address regional and sectoral challenges. We employ to this end a methodology in which we facilitate processes of joint reflection based on a cluster perspective, as an instrument representing a vehicle for long-term competitive enhancement.

In order to develop processes of strategic reflection we have in place a team which has built up lengthy experience in enterprise strategy and multidisciplinary cluster creation initiatives. All of which has allowed us to build up a track record of more than 100 cluster initiatives in over 20 different economic sectors and more than 30 international benchmarking projects in 10 countries.

Our family is now made up of 15 consultants and a network of specialist contributors with local market knowledge:

  • Mapping and definition of businesses in an emerging cluster or region.
  • Activation, strategic development and capitalisation of the cluster through participative processes involving the enterprises.
  • Operational initiatives (joint, collaborative or individual) for the cluster.
  • Training of cluster managers and transfer of methodological know-how to sectoral agents and public institutions.

That is why our strategic cluster development projects are pursued by means of parallel analytical processes and mentoring of companies. We believe that each of these processes is important in order to achieve the other, and above all to guarantee the future competitiveness of the enterprises within the cluster. The Cluster Development team is a highly trained group of senior consultants. We store up and share knowledge.

The utmost expression of our philosophy is to be found in this reflection by Cluster Development Director Zoran Kostić: "To achieve a competitive impact on the reality of enterprise it is vital to bear in mind that analytical evidence is not enough. However outstanding an analysis may be, sustainability can only be achieved by combining this with a process of strategic change involving the businesses". We offer a global, adaptable and multifaceted vision of the strategic process. The risk would otherwise be that all the work performed would simply result in a study with no impact on reality.

Why Cluster Development?

  • Integrated focus: we facilitate processes of reflection with public agencies (national, regional and local governments) and/or private organisations (chambers of commerce, agencies, associations) to promote economic development and the competitiveness of their enterprise fabric.
  • Experience: our team has built up experience on more than 100 projects and has dedicated more than 10 years to strategic cluster consultancy. We are regional leaders, with a stable team dedicated to initiatives in the sector. Our commitment to the countries and cities where we work is to develop local capacities based on our international experience. The teams who work at Cluster Development are trained by international experts with extensive experience in the development of cluster initiatives, and specific local consultants in order to achieve a better understanding of the reality of the enterprise fabric in each region, delivering a capacity on the ground not dependent on international consultants.
  • Pragmatism: we adopt an integrated and eminently practical focus in addressing the implementation of projects, with our methodology allowing us to work towards the competitiveness of any business or regional context. Our duty at Cluster Development Colombia goes beyond the development of efficient projects. Our philosophy prompts us to pursue competitiveness with a view to the future, not simply immediate results.
  • Specialisation: we specialise 100% on clusters and do not work for individual companies, thereby avoiding any commercial conflict of interest with businesses.
  • Innovation: we are an innovative enterprise in cluster-applied methodology. And we have developed unique tools for cluster initiative management.
  • Globality: we have a presence in the key heartlands of cluster policy innovation worldwide. We are currently present in Belgrade, Vienna, Sofia, Nicosia, Labin and London.